You've made it to Al Casapulla's Subs, Steaks & Pizza.  We are a full pizzeria and restaurant serving many people each and every day.  Family, friends and loved ones are all welcome to experience our delightful dishes and pizza specials. If you like the wonderful taste of Italian food, you should come down right away and fill your appetite with some really good quality food.

When you visit Al Casapulla's Subs, Steaks & Pizza you will not only get to enjoy fine dishes but a nice atmosphere as well.  Our dining area is definitely a great place to relax and enjoy yourself.  With a little Easy Listening music in the background and perhaps a glass of our premier wine you can not go wrong.  We have a trained staff to assist you with all your needs.  From our fine cooking to our impeccable service we will always make sure your night is a pleasant one.

Expect to see many up and coming SPECIALS in the near future. Make sure you visit our website or restaurant often.  For questions,  concerns, catering or party arrangements please feel free to contact us.  Simply click on the CONTACT button above to view all our information.  Thank you for visiting our website.

535 Atlantic Avenue, Millville, DE 19967     TEL: 302-539-5488
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